Updates from Day 4 of the Andalucia Rally: Headed Home

Ricky Brabec concluded the final stage of the Andalucia Rally, a long hard battle fought throughout the week that brought the same level of intrigue across all the competitors. 

Brabec ended the day placing 11th on the final stage and 14th overall. 

"We finished the rally and I’m really excited to finish the rally without hitting the ground, first off. Second, I’m happy to board the plane without an injury and get back home and train in the desert. I’m looking forward to that. We had fun out here at the Andalucia Rally, but the style of riding just wasn’t my cup of tea." Brabec Said.

"The roads were fun. Well, I’m not sure if they were fun to race, but they were fun to ride. The whole team is in good shape and is going home healthy. Now, we are all going home to start working towards the main goal: the Dakar. "  


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  • Jared

    Great effort out there . Lessons learned. You got the mext one champ…..

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